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The Learning Model

The Learning Model
We all learn the same way.


The learning model below will help you in many, maybe all, aspects of your life. Practice and concentration, combined with knowing where you ‘are’ right now will help you to reach the highest levels of competence. At its core is honesty. You must be honest with yourself; you must know what level a particular skill is operating at. You must strive for improvement in yourself and be dedicated to helping others.

1 ] UNCONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT: This is where everyone trying to learn something starts out. You’re doing things poorly or improperly, and your skills are weak. Improvement is needed.

2 ] CONSCIOUSLY INCOMPETENT: You have your flaws pointed out to you and now you can sulk with hurt feelings or begin working to improve yourself. You come to grips with the realization that there were things you were not doing correctly; things you can do better; and ways of better managing your time and becoming more productive. You practice your new skills consistently.

3 ] CONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT: You’ve tried and practiced to do things better. You are now very aware of what you can do better and don’t need anyone to point them out to you. You also are very aware of what you’re doing right. You know you have a lot of hard work ahead of you and you continue to practice.

4 ] UNCONSCIOUSLY COMPETENT: Your hard work has paid off and everything seems like second hat now. Your skills are proficient, almost instinctual. You continue to practice by helping others.

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