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Leading up to the quote
A Professional Sales Rep Works Smart

A customer asks for a quote! Great! But ---

This is the point where most sales people get scared.

They think they hear the prospect saying ‘yes, I’ll buy’ when asking for a quote. The sales person gets so excited they neglect getting basic information and the deal goes off the rails.

Don’t be that sales person. Not only is it unprofessional, it gives the customer an idea that you’re not thorough and afraid. That makes you ripe for all kinds of requests and demands from the customer.

Customers read fear and exploit it. But they can’t if you don’t show it. Before ending the call, tell the prospect how you will send the quote – email or something else. Tell him when you should expect it and the email address you will use so he knows what to be on the lookout for. Since some email servers shove emails into spam boxes, tell him he should check there if he doesn’t see the quote by the appointed time.

The last thing want to do is set up a follow up call time. Make sure you give them sufficient time to review the quote and any other supporting information you send.

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