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Preparation for Sales Reps

Sales Manual
Every sales rep is after the same thing - SALES! Stand out from others.

Preparing for sales

As a sales rep, the first contact you make with a prospect is crucial and sets the tone for future conversations. Be direct, professional and to the point. You need to convey intensity and drive with your voice. You want the prospect to know you’re busy and determined to sell your product. Your succinct and professional demeanor will clue them in that you are calling around the area and if they are at all interested, they should act now.

Your voice is the first thing a prospect notices. While they cannot see you, your voice will help them form a visual impression of you in their mind.

§ Sound enthusiastic

§ Be attentive

§ Be prepared

§ Know your presentation inside-out

Your preparedness is quickly transmitted to the prospect. Particularly in this era of annoying telemarketers, prospects appreciate a thoughtful, well-planned presentation. It demonstrates that you appreciate their time and busy schedules.

§ Speak loud enough that you are easily heard on the other end

§ Don’t mumble or slur your words

§ Enunciate properly

§ Sound cheerful


Tell the prospect WHO you are

Tell them WHAT company your company does

Tell them WHY you are calling today

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