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Making Effective Sales Calls

Every Time!

BEFORE you can sell, you need to make a presentation. Ensure you make the best presentation for sales calls by following the guide below.

  1. Make your presentation.

  2. Listen and respond accordingly.

  3. Ask questions along the line of what the customer has said.

What you should know before calling a prospect:

· Be able to describe your company in 11 seconds

· Know your Marketing Position Statement

· Know your Targets for Sales

· Understand the Unique Value you provide to your targets

· Know all the Products’ Features and Benefits

Use the same sales presentation each time:

· Give your name, the company name, and why you are calling in that order each time you make a cold call. Quick, succinct, to the point.

· Find out who is making the decision

· Send a quote along with marketing literature

· Set up a time to call back to close the deal

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