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Closing Sales

You can't seem to write enough about closing sales. As a manager I overheard hundreds, thousands of sales people miss 'opportunities' because they (SP) was more interested in talking than listening.

closing sales

No offense, but sales people are often their own worst enemy. They launched into wordy presentations, waffles over products features, and practically beg to send a quote.

SORRY, but that is not selling.

Important Steps in Closing Sales.

· After your pitch - Shut Up and Listen

· Uncover the Customer’s Pain?

· Emphasize your product’s Key Benefit that solves your Customer pain

· Listen for Buying Signals

· Make Lots of Little Closes Leading up to the Big One

· Always Ask the Customer directly for their business

If the Customer says ‘no’ . . .

  • Ask the customer what they’ll do if they don’t buy your product

  • Re-emphasize how your product solves the customer's pain

  • Ask for the sale again

"If the product solves your problem, and we agreed on your problem, then why not go ahead and wrap this up?"

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