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An Elevator Pitch

Clarify your intent with an Elevator Pitch.

Elevator Pitch

Describe your company in 11 seconds?

The elevator pitch is an eleven second pitch most often used by startups (generally to get money from investors.) You can use it to fine-tune your pitch skills when talking to new customers. It gives you an important tool to gauge a prospect’s interest.

How to refine your company’s pitch.

1. Start with Who you are

2. Add what product/service you provide

3. Where you supply products

4. Why or How it helps customers


BioExcel provides strategic guidance to biotech startups to obtain funding while preserving owner equity and connect with network consultants toward the goal of product commercialization.

Zegit Media can help you hone your elevator pitch and give you the quick pitch to use when meeting potential customers asking you what your company does.

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