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Trouble with Wix? We can help.

Lots of people use Wix, truthfully it's a great platform and the company is continually improving the program and adding features.  There are a number of templates to choose from and they even have an AI implementation.  But once you start entering your information and images, things can go awry and often do.  No worries, we'll take what you have and clean it up - in the end, you'll look great and maintain control of your site.  A win-win. 


Redesign, cleanup Wix site.


$35 per hour

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Photo too large

Photo too small

Photo fits but blurry

There are numerous ways a site can get out of hand - images are the biggest problem. Either too small, too large for the template hole, or blurry and pixelated after resizing. 

We take each image and resample it for proper size, optimize it for web viewing all to ensure it looks good and all images in a series match in size, tone, and scale. 


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