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The Socialist's Toolkit

Before you freak out or get too excited, we don't mean socialism in the political/economic sense; rather, we're talking social media, your use of it, and a better, simpler way for your message to reach forward across platforms. 



Simplifying the Complex 

With or Socialist's Toolkit, you don't need coding experience nor do you need to log into the website to add your message.  Just create an Instagram or Facebook (actually you can have Instagram feed it to Facebook) and you're done.  Our software code brings your post into the website for display. 

Workflow That Just Works

How nice would it be to pour a cup of coffee and automatically the correct amount of sugar and half-n-half are added?  Nice, eh?  That's kind of what we're doing. Why enter something in several places when you only need to do it once. 

Integrated File Sharing

Not a hit or miss proposition.  Your post appears on the website exactly as you created and posted it on Facebook or Instagram or Twitter.  Our blog will give you ideas on how to prepare images for your posts and more so you'll message will look good. 

Design Design Design

Zegit will ensure  your website looks beautiful and functions smoothly and quickly.  We'll seed keywords and use industry standard SEO practices for titles, subtitles, and such. 

Optimizing Team Work 

Let's work together.  Zegit will build the foundation while  you add layers of information - products, company details, personnel, whatever you want - you're the boss of details. We're here to make sure you look your best. 

Form and Function are One.

You've read our spiel, now it's time to pick a plan. 



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