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What exactly does secure HTTPS mean?

Chrome was the first browser and others have or will be following suit. The original websites appear in the browser line as http://. Chrome does not believe these sites are secure for transmission and will attempt to block you from going to them. Newer constructed sites using HTML5 and other coding languages get a description of https:// meaning they are believed secure for communication over a computer network.

What if I have a website, can you work on it?

Generally we won't work on an existing site as there are issues that generally get in the way of rapid deployment. We prefer to pull the info from your site and create a new site.

What other marketing services do you provide?

In addition to what we specialize in, that is, those services shown on our site, we provide extensive research services for several companies, perform demographic analyses for store location research, we write business plans, marketing plans, and have done several IPO documents as well.

Are there industries you specialize in?

We have a broad background in computer software and hardware, financial services, jewelry (our managing director is a certified gemologist), agriculture, motor controls, convenience stores, mom and pop grocery stores, music industry, home furnishings, and more.

Do you ever work for free?

Good question. The answer is yes, we have. We provide web and marketing services pro bono to a local non-profit because we love the work they are doing and every dollar that can go to help the girls they educate is better spent on the girls than us.

I built a site on Wix and I need help.

Lots of people find themselves in this same position. WIX is a great site, we use it ourselves but that being said, there are nuiances that can be maddening if you don't have experience in design or understand the protocols of image sizing, etc. We offer a Fix-My-Wix plan which is a fixed cost of $35 per hour. We're certain we can make the site look great and add all the functionallity you need and clean up the areas where you are having difficulty. Check it out here

Can I cancel my plan before the end of first year?

We actually pre-pay for all the services, that is, the one year hosting, email addresses, and domain registration so your agreement is for one-full year. If you need to cancel, we'll do our best to work with you and come up with a fair settlement. Every situation is unique and we want to be fair to you and our company.

Can I pay monthly?

Yes, there is a plan to do that but we contract for month-to-month agreements on a one-off basis. If you are trying conserve cash, which is often the case for startups, we'll help in any way we can.

Google Ads seems very expensive.

Technically this is not a question but we get the idea. Yes, it is expensive but there are ways to control expenses by limiting your market to certain areas, cities, or zip codes. Think of it as a means to target market and/or test market consumer interest in your product or service. The value proposition you need to consider is that many companies secure a significant percentage of their monthly leads and sales from internet traffic. In doing so, you can save on sales expenses (e.g., hiring fewer sales people) and with Zegit running your campaigns, you incur no on-house marketing expenses which makes Friday pay days easier to handle.

What happens to my website after the first year?

Good question. At the end of year one, you have two choices: 1) you can continue by paying a reduced amount to Zegit to cover domain registration, hosting, and emails; or 2) we can turn the website over to you. At that point you are free to continue or close the site or transfer it to another company.

Zegit has a question for you. True or False: the purpose of marketing is to generate sales?

False. Lots of people get this wrong. The role of marketing is to plant the seeds for your sales team to harvest into revenue. With this in mind, we design and build websites to peak consumer interest, create an urge to call, and engage with you about a product or service.

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