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Zegit email capture forms collect emails and contact information directly from your website building a database of viewers.  We leverage the contacts and deliver a compelling call to action email every day, every week, every month - the time period is up to you.  After each email, tabulate and reports the results to you - number of opens, clicks, and unsubscribes.  

Campaign for Samco Financial

Distribution:  2,980 C-Stores in USA

Response Rate (first 30 days):

  • 32 call-ins

  • 15 potential leads

  •   8 qualified leads

  •   2 sales 

Sales Revenue:    $70,000

Total Cost of Campaign:  $495*

Immediate ROI:   14,041%

*Customer-supplied Email List

  Design of Email 



Pick a product, create a promotion, reward good customers . . . 

Lots of reasons to connect and Email Marketing is the fastest most effective way to do it.  You tell us what you want to promote, we create an email and send it to everyone on your subscribed list. 

The Campaign

We design the email, you review and approve, we set up the database segment(s) and deploy on a date and time you choose. 

Once the email has gone out, generally we wait a few days, we measure and the results and report to you the opens and clicks measured against industry norms so you'll how the extent of your impact on the market place.  

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