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The U.S. Postal Service offers am extremely affordable and cost cost-effective way to reach potential customers in your neighborhood with high-quality print media. There are several postcard sizes to choose from with mailing costs nearly 60% less than traditional mail.  That's huge savings for you at a price that includes everything - design, printing, and mailing.

They're close.
Now, let's get them in the door!

EDDM lets us see how many homes and businesses are within a specific radius. We can then target those closest, fit to a demographic of age, income or family size, and put a message in their mail box.  

WE      EDDM

We love this program. But that's not the only reason we recommend it. Your message gets directly into the hands of potential customers near you - you choose from a 1 to 5 mile radius of your location and we map every business and/or household. We design, print, and deliver. 

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