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Serious Web Traffic

To generate high levels of web traffic, go with the business PCP leader - Google Ads.  This is pay-per-click at its best.  Zegit will create a campaign using keywords and regional preferences while you set the budget per day.  Pay only as much as you want and let the magic of Google Ads happen for your business.  Results are fast and massive. 

Turn Web Surfers into Customers

It's not easy finding your target audience in a crowded world.  We can help you with a Google Ads Campaign.  

The results of Goggle Ads campaigns are rarely less than AWESOME!  When designed right, the results are over the top.  We'll create the ads and monitor results.  

  • You set the budget

  • Pay when account reaches $500

  • Pay only for clicks on your ad

  • You approve all keywords

  • You'll be on first page of Google Search Results (nearly always)

  • Cancel anytime you want

Coffee houses, cafes, artist and author websites, musicians,  convenience stores, beverage stores, sandwich and lunch shops, furniture, financial companies, non-profit organizations - the list goes on of companies that Google Ads will help to drive traffic to your website. 

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