We work to bring your company and brand to the attention of your target audience - whoever, wherever, they may be.  

Hit the World

It's a big world out there.

Some 40,000 searches per second, 3.5 billion every day.  To think building a website and having everyone find you is selling yourself out.  You need more - marketing!

Hit the Neighborhood

Make those close your besties.

You can't overlook the power of those right in your business' neighborhood.  A fine, solid-feel, color postcard once a month keeps you in their mind and helps you connect to those most likely to shop with you. 

Hit the Masses

We're not talking church.

We are talking about the 3.5 billion searches every day and how you can build your search ranking through email marketing, social media, and Google Adwords.

MORE . . .

We started designing for the web at its very beginning.  We watched it grow, maybe even helped it along the way.  But now, it's very difficult for small businesses to claim space on the web.  We understand that and we're trying to help.

Your company has lots of choices when it comes to web designers. We look to stand out from the crowd by providing additional marketing services that not only serve to build your brand, but gain traction on a crowded web.

With Zegit as your marketing partner, you'll gain years of experience in web design, marketing, and research.  You can go ALL-IN in right now or we'll customize a plan to fit your needs. One vendor means no finger-pointing - ever!


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