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Zegit provides effective and beautiful websites you manage through FB and Instagram posts.

the Complex 

Zegit allows you to post on Facebook and Instagram and automatically displays them on your website.  It's a simple, efficient way to keep you customers engaged and returning to your website without you having to know any coding language. 

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You post, we integrate. Simple as that!


Zegit provides an All-In-One experience for you and your customers.  We design a beautiful, modern-looking website, make certain it looks good on iPhones, Android phones, and tablets, while you post on your social media. 

Features & Benefits

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By Nerds, for Non-Nerds

Even if you have no coding experience, no problem.   Zegit takes care of all that. Web Design, Mobile Site, and Social Media post uploads. Besides, you're too busy running your business and making deals.

Plans & Pricing

The Right Plan, a Great Price.

Good Things Do Happen.

The truth is building a website is not that expensive. Keeping it fresh with new ideas, products, and your commentary though is time-consuming.  With Facebook and Instagram, you can easily create a post with new content.  Zegit creates an automatic upload to your website. 

For a long time Zegit did all our marketing and still manages our direct marketing plans.  When I added an in-house marketer experienced with social media, we've been able to reach customers, new and old, quickly without having to go through Zegit saving time and money.  Zegit pushes the posts we create to our two websites which they built for us. Works like a charm. 

Kamlesh Patel
President, Shop 'N Go Market & My First Kiosk Loan

We extensively  use Facebook to stay in touch. It's easy and I can do it myself.  Zegit built our beautiful website and uploads the FB posts and our Twitter feed.  It helps attract new customers and keeps our current customers well-informed. 

Jenn Chesnes
Owner, Studio J Academy of Dance

Zegit built two websites for us, one consumer facing and another client-facing. We advertise through extensive direct mail campaigns and through geo-located tags to source out new opportunities throughout the US. They've been a value-added partner for seven years now.

Chuck Kinter
V.P. Simple Automated Money Inc.


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Once built, your website keeps alive your communication channel by your direct contributions on social media outlets.  Deliver your message, your way, when you want, and Zegit ensures web viewers see it too. 



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