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starting at $39 per mo, no other costs!

We all have a story to share. 
Sometimes it's simple, other times it's more complex. 
Zegit Media offers unique design for personal and business websites - scalable and responsive. 

Make Zegit Media your digital destination

for web, marketing, and social media design and deployment.  

Send us your company brochure and we'll take it from there. 

Don't have a brochure, we'll create a storyboard  and color palette to tell  your story. 



From your brochure or storyboard, we expand development to include online ZOOM collaboration. You can see your site as it's developed in real time without you having to leave your home or business (a bonus in these days of Covid).


We have an immense library of images and illustrations that are free to be included in your site and hundreds of font choices so your site looks professional. 


Choose  a plan that works best for your company.

Our plans are all-inclusive: 


  • Design and Deployment

  • SEO

  • Free Contact/Subscriber Forms

  • Hosting 

  • Google My Business Listing 

  • Search Engine Submission

  • Up to 3 Email Addresses (sitename ext)

Zegit Media is an online-based, outsource marketing and web design company headquartered in Shaker Heights, Ohio.

Why Choose Zegit Media?




Hosting Included:

All sites are hosted on reliable global cloud servers and are compliant with the highest international security standards.

Fast Completion Time:

Features and tools are built with efficiency and scalability in mind giving you an unbeatable time to market.

Website Uptime:

Be confident that your final creation will run as smoothly as intended with market-leading website uptime.

Social Media:

We add seamlessly add posts you make on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter to your website.

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Over the years Zegit has built six websites for my various businesses.  Through their efforts we reach over 20,000 viewers each month on Google.  They've done flyers, postcards and a company personnel policy manual for us in addition to designing forms and documents to register with the U.S. government. 

* * * * *

We're on our fifth year as a Zegit customer.  Zegit is prompt in returning calls and handling issues.  To help reduce overall costs, they even taught our in-house marketing person how to add new furniture and products to the website. 

* * * * *

Zegit has been our outside marketing arm since 2013 when we first launched our check cashing machine. Being new to the market, they helped us in so many ways, including postcard mailings, ads, Google Ads, and two websites that reach out to consumers and potential targets.  

* * * * *

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