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Keeping a top-of-mind presence in your customer's mind is a manageable marketing task; getting there, well, that's another matter. 


Zegit Media has outlined a path to achieve and sustain top-of-mind for your company.  It starts with a website and mobile implementation of the same. We'll use capture forms on the site to build an email list.  Once we have a list, a campaign is created and launched with the goal of social sharing, gaining more email clients. 

If your business is local, we suggest an EDDM campaign.  This gets hard copy in potential customers' hands, gives your company a more-than-a-website, appearance, pitches a particular, measurable product. 

The biggest expansion of your marketing will likely come from PPC ads.  Google Ads, the clear leader in PPC, puts your company in front of millions, hundreds of millions. We'll tailor a campaign so that your reach makes economic sense, that is, targeted to prospects in a specific radius of your business.  

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If you presently have a WIX site and need some help with design or functionality, we can help!

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